On-Premise Updates

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Premier Field Engineering Team maintains an excellent blog post which lists all of the update rollups, their version number, links to the blog topic on the update which discusses the features or resolutions covered in the update and links to where the update can be downloaded.  To find out which update rollup you are currently on, you can reference the blog with your version number, or you can view the rollups as updates in Windows Server.

Determining your CRM Version

The currently installed version of CRM can be determined a number of ways.

  1. CRM web client users can check the version of CRM in the web interface by clicking File in the top left corner of the CRM screen, clicking Help and then selecting About Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

    On-Premise Updates - determine your version

  2. Users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 for Microsoft Office Outlook can find the CRM Version as well as the Outlook client version in Outlook by going to File, CRM and then clicking About Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  3. Server Administrators can find the CRM version of all CRM components, including the Email Router, in the Programs and Features applet of Control Panel.

  4. Deployment Administrators can check the CRM version from Deployment Manager.


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Note:  In the two images above, Deployment Manager lists the server version  5.0.9690.3236, but the Programs and Features applet shows that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Reporting Extensions is running version 5.0.9690.3448. If the SRS Connector were on another server, the correct version would be listed in Deployment Manager.