Saving Attachments in SharePoint

Attachments in CRM are the biggest contributors to increase in CRM database size and consume the most space. System administrators and DBAs often hunt for opportunities to limit attachment size or to purge emails with huge attachments.

While this may not always be feasible, a common approach is to develop a plug-in that will move attachments to SharePoint and have a link to that file in the email. It is also possible to have another plug-in that will just delete the attachment from the email.

Again these approaches may not be convincing enough considering that these attachments will now take disk space from the SharePoint database. Although potentially pretty complex, here are a few tips to fine tune this process:

  1. Zip and compress the attachments before storing them in SharePoint if disk space is an issue.
  2. Create an archival process to archive (somewhere?) older than x attachments

On a lighter note, disk space is very cheap compared to the price you pay for services to build this. You can actually buy hefty pile of hard drives!