Power8CRM for Dynamics 365

PowerObjects has developed its own custom solution that is unique from all of the other available mobile options in that it focuses on process rather than on the application or data.  What this means is that instead of turning on your tablet and being presented with a list of records and an interface that requires you to dig in and manually find what is relevant, Power8CRM pulls you in to your sales pipeline by presenting your sales activity with meaningful context.  You can move through your entire sales process from lead to cash, quickly updating your leads and closing opportunities as new information becomes available.  Taking advantage of Windows 8 live tiles and notifications you can easily see new and actionable activity; allowing you to stay on top of your sales pipeline with minimal effort.  In addition you have access to your accounts, contacts, and activities, as well as useful add-ons such as website traffic analysis, global search, and photos.

Supported Devices

Power8CRM will work with any Windows 8 PC or tablet, but is optimized to provide the best experience on a touchscreen device. In addition to the hardware for running the client, you must have:

  • Dynamics CRM 2011 either online, or on-prem with IFD (Internet Facing Deployment) and ADFS (Active Directory Federated Services) enabled
  • Activity Feed plugin installed and security roles enabling the signed in user to have read access to those posts



Power8CRM consists of three Hubs.  The Sales Hub focuses on providing full support of your sales process from “lead to cash”.  The People Hub provides convenient access to your leads, accounts, and contacts.  Finally, the Marketing Hub allows you to view real time statistics on your web traffic and links that activity back to your People Hub.

Sales Hub

The Sales Hub’s primary function is to help you turn your leads into completed sales.  This begins with a new lead.  New leads can be entered manually into Power8CRM, but can also be generated from other channels such as a web form or another team member assigning them to you.

When entering leads manually, Power8CRM provides a touchscreen optimized interface complete with all of your data points and Windows 8 swipe controls to make creating the new record a quick and easy process.  In the image below, you can see a screenshot of the new lead entry, as well as the menu at the bottom that appears when you swipe up on the screen.


From your leads you can also view any related activities with the help of the PowerGlobalSearch add-on, and access the activity feed.


When you are ready to either qualify or disqualify a lead you can swipe up on the lead to access the “Qualify Lead” menu.  Here you can promote your lead to any combination of Account, Contact, and Opportunity.


Once you have an active opportunity in the system, you can complete your “lead to cash” process by opening your opportunity and closing it as won.


All of the data on your sales activity is then be presented in an easy to read dashboard.  Here you can see the current state of your pipeline and drill down into the details and recent activity.


People Hub

The focus of the People Hub is taking advantage of Windows 8 to provide a touchscreen friendly but fully featured environment for you to browse and update your leads, accounts, and contacts.   While working in the People Hub you can:

  • Update all data points
  • Add tasks
  • Create entries in the activity feed
  • View associated activities


In addition to full read and write access, you can also use Windows 8 controls to quickly search and filter your records.  Some of the controls that are available are:

  • Swipe in from the right to access a global search across all of your entities
  • Swipe up from the bottom to access PowerPhoto and add photos to your contacts or leads
  • Zoom out to access a quick alphabetical filter on the current set of records

Marketing Hub

From the Marketing Hub you have access to dashboards that provide a solid picture of what both known and unknown users are doing on your website.   For this feature you must have the PowerWebTraffic add-on installed in your Dynamics CRM organization.  Once the add-on is deployed, you have access to exactly what pages users are viewing on your site.  You can see overall traffic statistics as well trends on what pages have been popular today, this week, or this month.


If PowerWebTraffic has enough information, it can even connect that web activity to specific Leads, Contacts, or Accounts currently in your CRM.  This allows you to drill down further into your traffic statistics to see who is interested in what and proactively reach out if appropriate.


Power8CRM is the only process focused application that is developed to take advantage of the new features provided in Windows 8.  This allows Power8CRM to provide much better support for users taking potential sales through the “Lead to Cash” process.  For sales users, it enables full access to the critical entities of the sales pipeline as opposed to the more limited or read-only functionality you will find in some other apps.  With the robust activity feed support, Power8CRM also allows Dynamics CRM to become a convenient central platform of communication for colleagues in the field.

Improvements – What it can’t do yet…

The current iteration of Power8CRM is very much focused on providing you an up-to-the-minute window into your sales pipeline and website activity.  Power8CRM currently supports the features highlighted in the features section; namely, leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, tasks, and website activity.  However, Power8CRM is constantly being updated with new functionality so check out the page for Power8CRM on the PowerObjects website to see if any of the features on your wish-list have made it into the newest release!

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