A Dynamics 365 OneNote Integration allows for access to a OneNote notebook directly from the activities area in Dynamics 365. This doesn’t replace the current Notes feature but gives you another way to access notes stored in OneNote. When you add a OneNote section to a notebook, it’s shown individually within Dynamics 365 and in order of last modified time. This integration is only possible for Dynamics 365 Online deployments and requires the integration with Sharepoint Online be implemented, and an Office 365  subscription.

  1. Set-up server-based SharePoint Integration
  2. Turn on the OneNote integration by going to Settings > Document Management > OneNote Integration
  3. Follow the steps in the wizard to enable OneNote for entities that need a full notebook per record. Click Finish.

    NOTE: Only entities enabled for document management will be options in the wizard. Enable an entity for document management under Customize the System on the entity definition page.

  4. A OneNote notebook will be automatically created for a record the first time you select the OneNote tab in the activities pane on a record.