Customizing Entities

Customizing entities includes adding fields to entities, changing the schema and creating custom entities. An entity can also be defined as an activity entity.

Creating a custom entity

  1. On the left navigation pane, click on the Settings, Customizations and then Customize the System. (If you have created a solution, then click on that solution and proceed from there.)
  2. In the page that opens, click on Entities under Components, and then hit New.
    customizing entities img1customizing entities img2
  1. Fill in the Display Name, the Plural Name (the name that shows in the navigation pane), and indicate whether the entity will be owned by a user or team/organization (ownership).
  2. If the entity is an Activity entity, check the box Define as an Activity entity.
  3. In the Areas that display this entity, you can select the tabs within which this entity will be listed.
  4. Select the required options for the entity and save it.

Modifying the schema

  1. Within Customizations, click on Forms for the entity which you want to modify. Open the Main Form Type.customizing entities img3
  1. You can select the part of the form that you want to modify in the Select section of the ribbon.
  2. To add fields, drag and drop them from the right pane onto the form.
  3. Fields that are not required can be removed by clicking on the Remove button in the Edit section of the ribbon.customizing entities img4
  1. If you click on the Insert tab above the ribbon, you’ll see the option to add sections and tabs and control other elements of the form.customizing entities img5
  1. You can add fields from here as well by clicking on the New Field button below the Field Explorer pane.
    customizing entities img6