Field Security Profiles

Configuring Field Security Profiles in Dynamics 365

In addition to defining security around users and teams, a more minute level regulation of security can be done around a single field by utilizing Field Security Profiles. A field security profile is used to give access to fields that have been enabled for field level security to users other than the default System Administrator. Read, Update and Create privileges to these fields are given. The fields enabled for field level security are seen with a small key beside the name indicating that its status is secure. This security permission can be granted to users or teams.

field security profiles

Creating a new field form


Field with Field Security enabled

To grant permissions to secured fields go to Settings > Security > Field Security Profiles

  1. To create a new Field Security Profile select New from the command bar
  2. Give the profile a Name and save it.
  3. Once saved add individual users, or teams to the profile
  4. Open the field permissions area and select what level of access users or teams with this security profile will have to the secured fields.
  5. All fields enabled for Field Security that appear on active forms will be listed. Select the field(s) you want to edit the permissions for and click Ok.
    field security profiles

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