Determining Your CRM Version

How to Find Which Version of Dynamics 365 is Being Used

There are times when it may be necessary to know which Dynamics 365 version your environment is on.  The CRM version and build number can be found in a variety of ways.  This chapter will walk you through each of the follow ways to find your Dynamics 365 version:

  • Using the CRM Web Application
  • Using the CRM Client for Outlook
  • Using CRM Deployment Manager
  • Using Windows Server

Whether it’s for installing a CRM-supported user application or providing information for external support, CRM users may need to know the deployed Microsoft Dynamics 365 version. We’ll explore each option below.

Using the CRM Web Application

Any CRM user can access this information right within the CRM web application:

  • In CRM 2011 or earlier, click File > Help > About Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • In newer versions, click the gear icon > About.

crm version

Using the CRM Client for Outlook

To determine the CRM version using the Outlook client, click File > Dynamics 365 > About Microsoft Dynamics 365. Note that this view will also indicate the version for the Outlook client.

crm version

Using CRM Deployment Manager

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Deployment Administrators are able to identify CRM versions on a more granular level using the Deployment Manager application. From a server that has the Deployment Administration Server role installed, run the application called Dynamics 365 Deployment Manager and click Servers to see the servers included in the deployment and their installed versions. This view can be extremely helpful in determining which servers have not been updated in a multi-server environment.

Full Server View:


Multi Server View:

Using Windows Server

Server administrators can identify the CRM server version using Control Panel > Programs > Microsoft Dynamics 365 Server. This will show the cumulative version of locally-installed CRM server. To get a complete view of the deployment, check each individual server.

Additionally, a server administrator can identify which individual patches have been applied and when they were installed by changing the view to Installed Updates.

Become a CRM Administrator

For a more formal introduction into becoming a CRM administrator, check out Dynamics 365 University’s CRM Boot Camp for Dynamics 365.