Accessing CRM from SharePoint

Accessing Dynamics 365 from SharePoint

Accessing CRM data from SharePoint is another common scenario of this integration. Intranet portals built on the SharePoint platform are the most frequent examples. Consider a sales organization managing their proposal process in SharePoint and requiring CRM data to view status of various proposals, deals or opportunities. This SharePoint portal can not only display data from within SharePoint and CRM, but also from a data warehouse or ERP systems (specifically financial data).

The scope of this book does not cover the process to configure or customize SharePoint to meet these requirements. But here are a few approaches:

  1. For SharePoint 2010/2013 Server On-Premises, you can configure SharePoint BCS with CRM database.  Since direct access to filtered views in CRM database is supported, you can create external content types against these filtered views in SharePoint without any code. The only major drawback is that the access is read only and works only for On-Premises.
  2. You can use the List Web Part for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. Although not a supported feature within CRM 2011, this blog does a great job at explaining how CRM 4.0 List Web part can work with your CRM 2011 deployment. This is simple to configure without any code.
  3. Using a proxy web service, you can configure SharePoint BCS with CRM WCF services. You can use the BCS Connector for this. Here is a link to the demo video.
  4. You can develop a Silverlight Web Part or an Visual Web Part in SharePoint. Although this may require lots of effort in coding, it gives you endless possibilities to customize as per your requirements.

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