Outlook.com & Exchange Online

Configuring Server-Side Sync with Outlook.com and Exchange Online in Dynamics 365

Below you will find instructions for configuring server-side sync for Outlook.com and Exchange Online.

How to Configure Server-Side Sync for Outlook.com

To configure server-side sync for use with an outlook.com address, also referred to as a live.com address (such as Hotmail), it is a three-step process: gather the correct information, set the appropriate settings, and then configure it in CRM.

To find the correct email settings, log in to your Outlook account, and find the gear icon in the top right. From here, go to More Mail Settings.

server side sync - outlook img 1

Next, select Connect devices and apps with POP.

server side sync - outlook img 2

Select Enable just underneath POP. Next, press Get more info in order to retrieve the correct server information to be entered in CRM.

server side sync - outlook img 3

Here, you will have all the server information and port number necessary for server-side sync.

server side sync - outlook img 4

In CRM, create a new configuration profile, and enter the following information taken directly from your Outlook.com settings.

server side sync - outlook img 5

Your profile should now be ready to go! In your mailbox, you can now specify this profile, enter your credentials, test and enable mailboxes, and voila, your emails should now flow in and out of CRM.

How to Configure Server-Side Sync with Exchange Online

For emails using Office 365, it will involve less steps as we did with Outlook.com except this time we will, of course, configure it with an Exchange profile instead of a POP3/SMTP type.

Login to your Exchange OWA, and simply grab the URL you see at the top.

server side sync - exchange img 1

In CRM, when you create a new Exchange profile, make sure you select no for auto-discover, as while it may work initially, there are a few known issues that may cause it to break eventually.

server side sync - exchange img 2s

Next, replace the <Server> part with the URL we just grabbed earlier.

server side sync - exchange img 3

You should now be all set for this profile. Again, follow the steps discussed earlier to enable a user or queue with this profile.

1. Go into the correct mailbox

2. Select this profile and enter user and password information.

3. Test and Enable.

Become a CRM Administrator

For a more formal introduction into becoming a CRM administrator, check out Dynamics 365 University’s CRM Boot Camp for Dynamics 365.