Naming Partner of Record

How to Name a Partner of Record in Dynamics 365

This section covers how to Name a Partner of record in Dynamics 365.  Follow the steps below to assign PowerObjects as the Partner of Record for your Office 365 account or Dynamics 365 Online account. Note that only global or billing administrators can make this kind of change to your organization’s account.

PowerObjects Partner ID number is 1488115.

1. Go to the Microsoft Online Portal and sign in using your username and password.

2. In the Microsoft Portal, on the right-hand side of the screen, open the Billing section and click Subscriptions. This will show your company subscriptions. Click on your company’s subscription.

3. Under more actions select Add Partner of Record.

4. Under Microsoft Partner ID, type 1488115, then click check ID. PowerObjects will show in green type as the Partner found. You can then click Submit.

5. Your partner information will change to show PowerObjects as your partner for that specific subscription. If you have more subscriptions and would like to make PowerObjects the Partner of Record, go back to your subscription and follow steps 2 through 4.

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