MoCA Client Enhancements

MoCA Client Enhancements

The Microsoft CRM MoCA client provides the ability for the user to choose their own home page – which can also be a Dashboard. Navigate to the dashboard you would like to set as your home page, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and select Set as Home. Then, the next time the user selects their “home” icon in the upper right corner of the screen, they will be taken to this dashboard.

Along with the other dashboard enhancements, you can now also enable any system or personal dashboard for tablets. All you need to do is check the “enable for tablets” check box under the Dashboard Properties.

In the Dashboard area of the client, there are also three new commands in the dashboard area including: set as home, pin to start and pin to home.

Set as home: This command allows users to set the default dashboard that loads when they select the “home” icon in the upper left corner of their screen.

Pin to start: If you’d like to pin this dashboard to your start window, choose Pin to Start, and this dashboard will be available in your start menu.

Pin to home: You can also choose to in this dashboard to your home page.

With this new version of Dynamics CRM come more enhancements to the mobile client including offline data entering capabilities.

Some Dynamics CRM MoCA client users will want to enter information while they’re on the road. While there aren’t many places nowadays where there isn’t an internet connection available, users may sometimes find themselves in a situation where their device is offline. If you do go offline in the MoCA client, you will see a small indicator on the left-hand side of the screen that says “Offline”.

If you are offline and you’d like to create a new record, simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen and click on “+ New”. Then choose which type of record you would like to create.

Hint: A record will show up in this list if it has been enabled for “CRM for Tablets” and if it has a Quick Create form available.

When you are entering a record in offline mode, you will notice that the Quick Create form is the form you are filling in. After you’re finished filling in the form, you can save a draft of that record, which you can later sync back to CRM when you are online again.

If you have drafts of records saved, you will see a tile in the menu area, called “Draft Records”. This will tell you how many drafts you have that still need to sync to CRM. If you select the tile, you will see a list of your draft records. You will then need to open the record, where the “Save Draft” button has been updated to just a “Save” button. This will sync the record into Dynamics CRM, and allow you to edit it fully.

Become a CRM Administrator

For a more formal introduction into becoming a CRM administrator, check out Dynamics 365 University’s CRM Boot Camp for Dynamics 365.