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Social Listening

Social Listening Integration

Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Social Engagement offer the ability to monitor what people are saying on Facebook, Twitter, or blogs from within the Dynamics 365 interface. Microsoft Social Engagement collects data from social media websites and presents it so you can see trends in people’s comments, whether they’re positive, negative, or neutral. Drill into the data and see who is mentioning you, where they posted the comment, and exactly what they said. Armed with these insights, you can pinpoint what you’re doing right, and address potential issues before bigger problems arise.

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To configure the connection, you need to have a subscription to Microsoft Social Engagement, be an authorized Microsoft Social Engagement user and have a Microsoft Social Engagement instance provisioned for your Dynamics 365 instance.

Tip! Social engagement can be tracked alongside other engagement in Power BI. Learn more about its potential here.

Configuration for Online Deployments

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) customers with a minimum of 10 Professional users automatically have access to Microsoft Social Engagement as part of their subscription at no additional charge. Customers who have an Enterprise subscription also have access to Microsoft Social Engagement but with no minimum user requirement.

To configure Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Social Listening integration, follow the steps below.

  1. Ensure your Dynamics 365 domain is added to the list of allowed domains in Microsoft Social Engagement.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Administration > Microsoft Social Engagement Configuration
  3. Click continue on the legal disclaimer
  4. Choose the Microsoft Social Engagement instance to which you want to connect. Choose the Select button next to the drop down box


  1. Navigate to Settings > Administration > Microsoft Social Engagement Configuration
  2. Click continue on the legal disclaimer
  3. Copy the domain URL you wish to connect to Social Listening
  4. Log into the specific Social Listening site you wish to connect to Dynamics 365 and navigate to Settings > Allowed Domains
  5. Paste the copied domain into the top box and the URL will appear in the “Allowed domains” box below
  6. Copy the Solution URL from this screen
  7. In Dynamics 365 Social Listening Configuration page, paste the URL into the Connect this CRM instance box and press the Test URL button

Note: If you aren’t already logged into Social Listening, you will get an error telling you to log in before you can test the URL

8. Press the Save Settings button


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