Learning Microsoft Dynamics CRM

So how do you go about learning Microsoft Dynamics 365 for CRM? You are already in the right place because reading the CRM Book is a great way to learn about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for CRM!  Here are some additional things to read and watch:

In Person Training

When learning Microsoft Dynamics 365, consider that the most effective training is a combination of seeing (visual), hearing (auditory), and hands-on (kinesthetic or tactile) experiences with an emphasis on the way you learn best. That is why in-person, instructor-led training is the best way to learn.  A “second best” option might be attending remote training or watching eLearning. For more information, check out our Education page to see our offerings for any CRM training scenario.

Getting Certified

Generally, the average person learning Dynamics 365 for CRM has no need to get certified. Certification is a process particularly needed for Microsoft Partners—professionals who are implementing Dynamics 365 for clients.

Additional Resources