CRM How-to Portal

The CRM How-to Portal is no longer with us, but the CRM Book is here to stay!

The CRM How-to Portal lived a long life in internet years, but it has gone to a happy home in the internet archives. But never fear! The CRM Book is a comprehensive online guide to using Dynamics 365 for customer relationship management, and we are constantly updating it with fresh information as the product changes. So, welcome! Take a look around and re-bookmark your new most favorite CRM resource.

Here are some great places to start if this is your first time to The CRM Book :

CRM for Dynamics

This is a good place for end-users of CRM to start learning how to get around.

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CRM for Dynamics 365
System Administration

Here is where administrators will find information around administering, managing, and customizing CRM for Dynamics 365.

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CRM for Dynamics 365
Extending CRM

This portion of the CRM book covers how to go beyond the out-of-the-box features of Dynamics 365 and explore plugins, workflow extensions, portal options, JavaScript, phone integration, and more.

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The CRM Book is brought to you by the very same Dynamics 365 superheroes at PowerObjects that built the CRM How-to Portal. Please feel free to reach out with any questions!