Web App vs. Windows App

Web App vs. Windows App with Dynamics 365

There are two options to build the API for the phone integration, the Web App and The Windows App.  There are several advantages for Windows App vs. Web App.

Windows App

The pros of using a windows app are that you can catch when the call was ended, without refreshing the page, and present some live information.  Also we can load some custom screens.  It is also easier to create a log with a Windows App to facilitate troubleshooting.  One drawback to a Windows App is that you will have to install the application on every computer.  If designed correctly any updates can be automatically installed via “One Click Deployment”.  One Click Deployment will automatically install any updates when the application is launched.   Another small drawback is that you must ensure that the PC has the appropriate Dll’s present in order to work with the API in each computer.

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Web App

A Web App can work when the call is passed while not using the TSAPI Dll.  One of the advantages of this approach is that you don’t need to install it on every computer.  It sits on the server.  However we will probably have to configure the Phone API of our phone system (Avaya, Cisco ETC…).    The environment that will be tested is mainly against the server and all of the Dll’s will be hosted there.   In this case the log file will sit on the server as well.   Since the web will pop the moment the call was answered or rang,  the user will not be able to log when the call was ended automatically.

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Want to learn development skills?  Check out Developer Environment and Developer Extending events.