Phone System Types

Phone System Types for Dynamics 365

Is your company looking for a great telephony solution to integrate with Dynamics 365?  Are you looking to automate processes that involve phone calls and the recording of data into Dynamics 365?  Well, you are on the right track by visiting this chapter!  Dynamics 365 can be integrated or made to work with several different phone systems.  Whether you are looking for automatic screen pop of Dynamics 365 records based on the inbound phone number or better, easier tracking of phone activities, one or more of the options below will greatly assist you and your company with these telephony features:


Cisco offers a product called the Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Dynamics.  This product is ideal for small or medium-sized businesses.  No additional hardware is needed to create the integration between the CallConnector and Dynamics.  Like several other phone systems, the Cisco Unified CallConnector offers “click to dial” functionality, allowing users to click a phone number on a Dynamics record to place a phone call.


Avaya Aura Call Center Elite is the telephony product offered by Avaya for integration with Dynamics 365.  This product comes with a three-part CRM Connector (GUI plug-in, SVC plug-in and the Phonebook Synchronizer).  Some customization may be required with the installation, but very minimal.  The ease of use with this plug-in allows users to quickly notate (disposition) calls within Dynamics from within the Avaya GUI.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business can be easily enabled/integrated with Dynamics 365.  While it may not provide the type of functionality that Cisco or Avaya offer, it is a simple way to enable features like click-to-call within Dynamics (including on mobile devices).  Another great feature of the Skype for Business integration with Dynamics 365 is “presence”, which allows users to see someone’s Skype for Business status (but only using Internet Explorer).


In association with Interactive Intelligence, the company Tenfold makes a product that integrates several different telephony systems with Dynamics.  Utilizing a “Single Unified View”, Tenfold, through the integration, provides an easy to use interface that allows users to interact with it while on a phone call.  Changes made within the unified view will cascade down to Dynamics records, ensuring quality data within the system.  This integration can be setup for sales, service or other business purposes.


PureEngage is a telephony product offered by Genesys that integrates with Dynamics.  Often, the Tenfold product mentioned above is used to help integrate Genesys PureEngage and Dynamics.  Not only can users take advantage of the integration via the enhanced UI, but they can also create new Dynamics records like Contacts, Leads and Accounts.

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