Services in Dynamics 365

These are the services that you offer to your clients, and they require one or more resources. You must have Resources created before you can create a Service.

Creating a Service in Dynamics 365


From the home screen under Microsoft Dynamics CRM, select the Service module and select Services.

View Creating services in CRM 2011

Now that you are in the Services tab, you can create a new service by clicking ‘New’

View New Services in 2011

In the new, pop-up service window, fill in the following 4 required fields on this form:

  • Name – this is the name of the service.
  • Initial Status Reason – what status the scheduled service will begin as.
  • Default Duration – this is the duration of the service.
  • Start Activities Every – time blocks that a service can start at.
    For example: if you want to have a service start every 15 minutes then select 15 minutes, top of the hour select 1 hour, top and bottom of every hour select 30 minutes, etc.Once these are complete, save the record and move on to the Required Resources portion of the form.

Require Resources (Selection Rules)

The Require Resources section is where you specify what resources are required for a specific service.

Under the Require Resources section, you will see Common Tasks and it will have five options
Add a Selection Rule, Add Resources, Add Resource Groups, Edit Selected Item and Remove Selected Item
View Required resources in 2011

To the right, you will see the beginning rule.

View beginning rule in 2011

If you double click the line with the blue gear (node) ser19on it this will bring you to the edit a selection rule screen. There are some fields you can adjust depending on your need.

  • Quantity – All, and then 1-20
  • Selection Site
    • Same Site
    • Any Site
  • Selection Criteria
    • Random (default)
    • Least Busy
    • Most Busy
  • Capacity Required

Click on the next line ser20to bring up the Look Up screen in order to add resources.

Use the look up to gather the resources you want to add to this Service.

Check the resource you want to add to the Service and then click Add.

When you have added the applicable resources, click OK.

To add additional selection rules select the blue gear (node) line and then click Add a Selection Rule.

Once you are done setting up the Service record, click Save and Close.

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