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Using the Service Calendar in Dynamics 365

The Service Calendar is separate from the other CRM Calendar. This is where all the scheduled Service Activities appear. By default, the Service Activities that you own will sync to your Outlook calendar if you have the Dynamics 365 for Outlook client installed.
View [servicecalendar] in CRM 2011

Viewing the Service Calendar

From the Navigation Bar, click go to the Service module. Next, select Service Calendar.
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Scheduling on the Service Calendar

On the command bar click Schedule, this will bring up two pop-up windows.
View the [scheduleSC] in CRM 2011

The first window is the window on top. This is the Schedule Service Activity window. This window is where you will search and find the service you are going to schedule There is only one required field for this form, it is not surprisingly the Service field. There are three sections to this form:

Requested Service Activity
Requested Time
Available Times

Click on the look up box of the Service field, this will bring up another pop up window.

You will notice that the Look for box is greyed out since you can only look for a service from this screen.

Click on the Look in drop down box and select the view appropriate to what you are looking for. Select the service you wish to schedule. Click ADD, and pop-up window will close.

View Lookup Record in CRM 2011 

You will notice that the service you selected is now in the Service field on the previous pop-up window. Underneath the Requested Time section you can search for an available appointment based on Start Date and Start Time. There are drop downs for each of these options. Choose the one that applies best to your request, and click Find Available Times. This will load all available times into the Available Times section.

View Find Available Times in 2011

Find the date and time that you are looking for, select it by clicking the checkbox to the left, and click Schedule on the bottom of the page, this will close this pop-up and take you to the remaining window.

View Select available time in 2011

On the second window you will want to add a Subject as it is a required field. Once a Subject has been entered click Save and Close.

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This window will close and it will take you back to the Service Calendar page. If you refresh the page, and you will see your scheduled Service Activity on the calendar under the resource you scheduled the Service under.

View Scheduled Service Activity in 2011

To learn more about the Service Calendar visit our blog:
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Viewing Service Activities

You can also view Service Activities by navigating to the Workplace section and to Activities. There are several different views where you can see Service Activities. Your open Service Activities will show up under the default My Activities view, or you can see just Service Activities by changing the view.

View My Activities in CRM 2011

If you have the Outlook Client installed your Service Activities will also sync to Outlook as appointments.

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