Within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM service schedulerResources consists of people, locations, or equipment needed for a specific service. To add either a location or piece of equipment, go to the Facilities/Equipment section:

From the top navigation bar, go to Settings –>Business Management.

On the right column of the main screen, select Facilities/Equipment.

View facilities and equipment in CRM 2011

Click New under the Facilities/Equipment ribbon, this will pop up a new screen.

CRM 2013 New Facility or Equipment
View New Facility/Equipment in CRM 2011

Modify the appropriate fields and attributes for the facility or equipment including:

CRM 2013 Resource Scheduling Facility Record

Name: This is the name of the resource. A resource as stated previously can be people, places or things. Some examples include nurses, doctors, exam rooms, stethoscope, x-ray or machine.

Business unit: This field is auto-populated and defaults to the Business Unit that the creator is assigned to. Business Units are part of the security structure in CRM.

Site: The physical location of the facility or equipment

Primary Email: Where messages related to this facility or equipment should be sent

Time Zone: This is the time zone of the facility or the time zone where piece of equipment is located

Work Hours: The hours the facility or equipment is able to be used (similar to the work hours of a resource)

You now can see your resources in the Facilities/Equipment tab.

View Facilities and Equipment list in CRM 2011

Next, we’ll discuss resource groups within the customer service schedule.