Resource Groups

Resource Groups in Dynamics 365

In Microsoft Dynamics 365, facilities and equipment resources can be singular items or can consist of groups of resources. These are known as Resource Groups in Dynamics 365, and they are convenient specifically for personnel resources.

Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to create a resource group and attach it to a resource. Keep in mind that all resources in a group must be created individually first.

1. From the navigation bar, click on Settings >Business Management

2.  select Resource Groups from the right-hand column.

View navigating to resource groups in CRM 2011

3. To create a new resource group, click new under the view selection field:

View creating resource groups in CRM 2011

4. Fill out Name and Business Unit.  The Description is optional.

CRM 2013 Resource Group Scheduling

5. On the top left, click Save.

6. To add resources to the resource group, on the left navigation, click Resources.

 View adding resources to resource groups in CRM 2011

7. Click Add Resources, and a lookup window opens.

View selecting resources in CRM 2011

There are three fields that will assist in finding the resources you want to add to the group.

8. Under Look for, select the type of resource you want to add to this group.  You may choose from: Facilities/Equipment, Resource Group, Team, and User. Note: You may choose a different View to filter the list. If the list of resources is long, you also may Search using its name.

9. Once you have found the resource(s) you want to add to this group, click Select and Add.

View Resource Lookup in CRM 2011

Your resources are now connected to that resource group.  Learn more about service scheduling functionality here.

Beyond the Basics

If you want a more formal introduction to Dynamics 365, check out Dynamics 365 University’s CRM Boot Camp for Dynamics 365.