Working with Sales Literature

Working with Sales Literature in Dynamics 365

Sales Literature in Dynamics 365 provides a place to store sales information for your organization. It gives sales team users a place to store and access brochures, promotional materials, pricing structures and other related literature. It also provides an easy way to send leads and contacts information right from within Dynamics 365.

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Some examples of sales literature you may want to add include:

  • Competitor sales literature
  • Product guides
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Price comparison documents

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Associating sales literature

Creating associations between your sales literature and other entities will help you organize and access the information you need and push it out to the right people. Here are some ways you can associate sales literature:

  • Associate sales brochure with a product, competitor, or both
  • Associate a product flyer to a marketing campaign

Adding sales literature

1.  Navigate to Sales > Sales Literature and click New. This will bring up a new Sales Literature record for you to create.

View Creating New Sales Literature in 2011

2. Enter information about the sales literature, including Title, Subject, Type, Employee contact, Expiration date, and Description.

3. When you are done entering information, click the Save button in the command bar.

4. Once you’ve saved the Sales Literature record, you can add an attachment. To do this, click on Add a Sales Attachment in the command bar, or use the + icon in the sales attachments subgrid.

View Add a Sales Attachment in 2011

5. In the new window that appears, add a Title for your sales literature attachment, and click the Browse button to find the document you want to attach.

6. After you’ve chosen your file, click Attach and Save your Sales Attachment record.

Save Sales Literature Attachment
View Sales Attachment in 2011

Sending sales literature

Sales literature can be sent from within Microsoft Dynamics 365, from the App for Outlook, or from within the Outlook Client.

Sending from Dynamic 365 Online or On-Premise

There are multiple ways to send sales literature from Dynamics 365. To send from the sales literature record itself:

1. Navigate to Sales, and under Collateral, choose Sales Literature. Select the Sales Literature item that you want to send.

Opening Sales Literature
View Sales Literature in 2011

2. Choose Send As Email from the command bar.

View Add a Sales Attachment in 2011

3. Select the user you’d like to send it to from the From field, and the lead/contact/account you’d like to send it to in the To field. Finish editing your email message and click Send the command bar, or Save if you want to send later.

View Send ProductBrochure in 2011

From the Outlook Client

If you have the Dynamics 365 for Outlook client installed, you can send your sales literature right from Outlook.

  1. Make sure the sales literature you want to send is already added Dynamics 365.
  2. Open a new email in Outlook and click Set Regarding in the ribbon. Choose the record that you will be sending the sales literature to.
  3. Click Attach Sales Literature in the ribbon and choose the item(s) you want to attach.
  4. Edit and send your email message as you normally would.

View Attach Sales Literature via Outlook in 2011

From the App for Outlook

If you are using the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook to integrate with Dynamics 365 instead, you can still attach sales literature to e-mails.

  1. Connect to Dynamics 365 by clicking on the Dynamics icon.
  2. Click on Sales Lit in the Dynamics 365 panel to the right.
  3. Search for the sales literature by the Subject associated with that sales literature.
  4. Select Add to Email