Marketing ROI from Leads

Tracking Marketing ROI in Dynamics 365

In order to measure return on investment (ROI) in various marketing efforts, you should track how each lead was generated. Tracking marketing ROI in Dynamics 365 will help you determine which methods of generating leads are more effective and which are less effective.

Dynamics 365 Lead Sources and Source Campaigns

When entering data into your Lead record, you’ll notice fields for Lead Source and Source Campaign. How do these differ? Think of the Lead Source as a generic type of source, and a Source Campaign as a specific example of a type of lead source.

Common Lead Sources

Here are some common examples of what you might list as lead sources:

  • Company website
  • Marketing campaign
  • Trade show
  • Social media marketing
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Marketing lists purchased from a vendor

View lead source values CRM 2011

Source Campaign Examples

Source campaigns will be more specific than your lead sources. For instance, if you have a Lead Source category of Trade Show, you might have a list of several different specific trade shows to select from in your Source Campaign.

View source campaigns in CRM 2011

Tip! Our blog on tracking marketing ROI in Dynamics 365 has a good discussion on how to use lead sources versus source campaigns.

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