Using Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful tool for creating and distributing marketing communications to your customers and prospective customers. It functions as a closed loop marketing system, which allows you to collect and analyze the results of your marketing communications so you can further refine your messaging. Dynamics 365 for Marketing also allows you to automate much of the marketing process so that you can concentrate on targeting the right people and crafting the right message.

What Is Closed Loop Marketing?

Closed loop marketing is a strategy where all marketing efforts and results are captured and analyzed in order to drive future marketing decisions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed as a closed loop marketing system, allowing you to track all activities of your campaigns as well as collect and analyze the results. Your campaign data can also be related to campaign costs, so that you can determine your return on investment for various marketing efforts.

Benefits of Closed Loop Marketing

Closed loop marketing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 has several benefits:

  • It reduces the gap between marketing and sales by providing visibility into each team’s efforts. Sales can see what marketing is doing to generate leads; marketing can see how effectively sales is following up on those leads.
  • Marketing can measure how effective marketing projects or campaigns are and use that information to improve future efforts.
  • All activities of a marketing project can be related to each other in CRM for Dynamics 365 and easily referenced.

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