Email Templates and Mail Merge

All About Email Templates and Mail Merge in Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 email templates and the mail merge functionality are helpful tools for mass emails and mass mailers. These tools are typically used by marketing and sales groups. Mail merge and email merge allow you to pull Dynamics 365 data, such as a person’s name, into an email, letter or fax. Using the merge functionality allows you to personalize the message. There are four ways to select the recipients of the activity:

There are system email templates (public) and personal email templates (private). Email templates are typically associated with one record type.

Learn more about working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM email templates:

How to Create a Personal Email Template

If you create a personal email template, you will be the only person who can see it and use it. Here’s how to do it:

  1. On the nav bar, on the top right select Settings and select Options. This will open a new window.

Accessing Email Templates in CRM 2013
View Options in CRM 2011

3. Within the new window, navigate to the E-mail Templates tab.

4. To create a new template, click New. A new window will pop open.

5. Select which record type you want to associate with the template. Global means that you will be able to use this template from any type of record, but you will not be able to use dynamic merge fields from any specific record except for user records. Think of Global templates as being form letters. You could pull in dynamic user information to pull in a signature block, but would not be able to pull in Account names dynamically. For that you would have to create an e-mail template type of Account that would only be able to be used from account records.

CRM 2013 Email Templates Record Type

7. Now you’ll create the actual template using the instructions below for Constructing an Email Template

How to Create a System Email Template

Creating a system template will make it available to the whole organization. Here’s how:

1. In the navigation bar, go to the Settings > Templates

2. To add a new template, select New. This will open a new window where you select the template type. This is the same process as when you create a personal template.

View System Email Template in CRM 2011

5. Use the drop down list to select the Template Type.

6. Click OK to start a new template.

Constructing an Email Template

Whether you are creating a personal template or a system template, the process for constructing a template is the same.

1. Enter a title, description, and subject for your email template.  The title is the name of the template for internal use, and you can add a description so that other users know what it is used for. The subject is the subject line of the email, which will be seen by the recipient.

CRM Email Template Merge

2. To add a merge field, on the top of the window, click Insert/Update. A Data Field Values dialog box will open.

3. In the new window, Data Field Values, click Add to add more values to the list.  Another new window will open, called Add Data Value.

CRM 2013 EMail Template Merge Field
View Email Template Merge Fields in CRM 2011

4. Select the value you want to include in the email and click OK.

5. When you are satisfied with your e-mail template, at the top of the screen, select Save & Close.

Tip! If you need more robust email template functionality, check out PowerMailChimp’s awesome template editor!

How to Use Email Templates in a Campaign

You can use Email templates in a Campaign, Quick Campaign or to Send a Direct Email to multiple contacts.

Campaign Activities

  1. First, you should create a Campaign Activity with the Channel of E-mail. (Learn more about creating campaign activities).
  2. On the ribbon of the campaign activity record, click Distribute Campaign Activity. A new window called New E-mails will open.

View Campaign Activity in CRM 2011

3. To add a template to the emails, check the Use Template check box.

4. Click the look up button, and the Select Template dialog window will open.

5. Select which template you would like to use.

View Campaign Email Template in CRM 2011

6. Click OK to return to the distribute process.

7.  Fill out the remaining criteria before clicking Distribute to send the template.

How to Send Direct Emails

You can send direct emails and use an email template from any view or advanced find.

  1. Pull your advanced find
  2. On the ribbon, within the advanced find window, select Send Direct Mail. A new dialog window called Send Direct E-mail will open.
  3. On this new window you can select the template that you want to use. There are also options for which contacts you want to email.
  4. When you are ready to send the emails, click the Send button. WARNING: Clicking Send immediately sends the Emails

CRM 2013 Send Direct Email
View Send Direct Email in CRM 2011

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