Working with Add Contacts in Dynamics 365 for Outlook

How to Use the Add Contacts Wizard in Outlook

One of the ways you can import data into Dynamics 365 is using the Add Contacts Wizard in Outlook. This tracks contacts from Outlook using the Dynamics 365 for Outlook client.

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Steps to Adding Contact Using the Add Contacts Wizard in Outlook

Here are the steps for adding contacts using the add contacts wizard in Outlook:

  1. To navigate to the wizard, in the Outlook client. Click FileDynamics 365Import Contacts, and Add Contacts.
    Add Contacts Wizard
  2. Click Next in the dialog box. The wizard will analyze your contacts and present some results. You will need to choose the group type and groupings. The groups are:
    • Company Name – Group contacts by the matching account name in Microsoft Dynamics 365. The wisard lists the number of contacts associated with each account. Choose the link to verify the list of names for each account.
    • Email Domain – Group the contacts by email domain. Choose the link to verify the list of names in each domain.
    • Categories – Group the contacts by the category you use to organize contacts in Outlook, if applicable. Choose the link to verify the list of names for each category.
  3. Click Add Contacts. This will import your Outlook contacts according to your specifications review the summary page and view any errors, if applicable. Then choose Close.

    Beyond the Basics

    If you want a more formal introduction to Dynamics 365, check out Dynamics 365 University’s CRM Boot Camp for Dynamics 365.