Closing Activities

All About Closing Activities in Dynamics 365

Activities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 have a status of open or complete. If the status is open, that means the activity hasn’t taken place yet. If it is complete, the activity has occurred. When you first create an activity within CRM, it is always initially open. Closing activities in Dynamics 365 must be done manually.

For instance, sending an email changes the status to complete. For some activities, such as phone calls, there are additional status choices within the completion step. You also have the option to cancel an activity if it is still open and no longer needs to be completed.

You can identify the status of an Activity by looking at the Activity Status label displayed at the bottom of the record page. One way to tell if an activity is open is if the fields on the form are read-only. If the fields are read-only, the activity is complete. In the example below, you can see that the record has a status of Completed and that the fields are read only.

View completed record status in CRM 2011

There are multiple ways to mark an activity type as complete. Here are some ways you can complete a phone call, for example:

Option 1: Close the phone call from the main Dynamics 365 activity section.

1. Check the activity record that you want to close.

2. Next, on the command bar, select the ellipse and choose Mark Complete.

View mark complete option in CRM 2011

3. This will pop open a new window, and from here you can select whether the phone call was made, received or canceled. Once you are ready to close the record, click Close.

View options to close a task in CRM 2011

Option 2: You can close the activity from the individual record page.

1. On the command bar of that record, click the Close  button.

2. This will give you the same completion options as in the first option.

View Close Task options for a Task in CRM 2011

Option 3: There is another way to close the activity from within the specific record. If you know you don’t want to cancel the task, you can skip the status selection step.This is the quicker way to close the task as complete.

1. On the command bar of the individual record, click the Mark Complete button. This will instantly close the activity as Complete. No other window will pop open, and it will automatically close the window.

View Mark Complete method in CRM 2011

2. After you click Mark Complete, you can see your completed task in your closed Activity view.

View Closed Activity view in CRM 2011