Dynamics 365 Basics

The following chapters of the CRM Book cover the basics of how to use the core business apps and elements of Microsoft Dynamics 365. They should help you feel comfortable using the out-of-the-box business apps for sales, marketing, and customer service, and assist you as you find your way around Dynamics 365.

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  • Searching and Navigation. Get to know the basic structure of Dynamics 365 and how to navigate the system.
  • Sales. Understand the sales process in Dynamics 365, including using leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities.
  • Marketing. Learn how to create marketing lists, build campaigns and automate marketing processes to improve communications with your customers.
  • Service Management. See how Dynamics 365 for Customer Service can provide an efficient way to manage cases.
  • Service Scheduling. Find out how to set up rules that will help you efficiently schedule services for your customers.
  • Working with Activities. Learn how to use the different types of activities in Dynamics 365, such as emails, phone calls, meetings, and more.
  • Working with Outlook. There are two options for Outlook; Dynamics 365 App for Outlook, or The Outlook client. Both allow you to access and use Dynamics 365 data, without having to open another program. Get to know both options and how to make the most of Outlook.
  • Email Templates and Mail Merge. Do you send out mass communications? You’ll want to learn more about Dynamics 365 email templates and mail merge features.
  • Analytics. Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with many tools that give you insight into your data, such as charts, dashboards, advanced find, goal management and more.
  • Data Management. Understand why clean data is important and how to keep your Dynamics 365 data relevant and up to date.

If you’ve already mastered Microsoft Dynamics 365 basics and are ready to take on some more advanced material, you can refer to our chapters on System Administration and Extending CRM.

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Beyond the Basics

If you want a more formal introduction to Dynamics 365, check out Dynamics 365 University’s CRM Boot Camp for Dynamics 365.