Product Properties

Product Properties

Product Properties can be added to a Product Family within the Families & Products section of the Product Catalog. See the steps below to utilize the Product Catalog.

1) Go to Settings and click on Product Catalog. Four options will be presented to you.

2) Select Families and Products to reach the screen below.

3) The status of the Product Family must be Draft or Under Revision to allow new Properties to be added. If the product family is currently in an Active Status it can be revised to allow for changes.

4) Once the Product Family is created and saved new Properties can be created.

When creating a New Property, the Property must be given a logical name. The name of the Property should define what type of information it will hold. It can be set as Read-Only, a Required field or set as Hidden. The Property must have a Data Type defined. The available options for the Property Types are:

  • Option Set (the property must be saved before Option Set Items can be created)
  • Decimal
  • Floating Point Number
  • Single Line of Text
  • Whole Number

When a new Product is added to the Product Family, the Properties that were setup are inherited. If the Product is not tied to a Product Family it cannot have Product Properties.

The ability to override the inherited property is allowed at the Product level. The Override will allow changes to be made to the Property that were inherited from the Product Family. To do this open the product and open the product property you wish to modify. You will see the Override button in the command bar. You will then have the option to change this product property for this specific product.

Why are the Product Properties so valuable?

The Properties are carried with the Product when added to an Opportunity. The Property details can be modified on the Opportunity. If the missing red asterisk is displayed, the Properties require values to be entered. If the green check is displayed, the Properties do not require attention, however, they can be modified if needed.