Marketing and Event Management

PowerObjects has developed Microsoft Dynamics 365 add-ons that enhance marketing and event management features within CRM so that marketers can easily manage their efforts from within CRM. They make it easy to market and manage your events all from within Dynamics 365. All of these add-ons are available for a free 30-day trial and can be found on Microsoft AppSource.


PowerChat users are able to interact and track conversations with visitors to their web page, all from within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Open lead and contact records automatically when a chat begins or create a new record directly from the PowerChat window.


Have you ever sent an email from CRM and wondered whether the recipient ever opened the email and whether or not they clicked on the links within that email? Well, wonder no more! With our CRM email tracking add-on, PowerEmail, you can now track whether or not emails were opened, and which URLs were clicked on within that email, all, of course, from within CRM!


This add-on is a MailChimp CRM integration tool that connects the third-party bulk email platform, MailChimp, with Dynamics 365. Use static or dynamic CRM marketing lists to send out bulk emails such as newsletters, special offers, and more, all from within Dynamics 365.  It also tracks vital bulk email statistics such as sends, successful deliveries, opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes back to individual CRM contacts, leads, and accounts. This lets you see who opened the email, who clicked on which links, and if anyone unsubscribed. The statistics are powerful, and the add-on is simple to use.


With PowerNurture, PowerPack subscribers can create campaigns to automate communication and actions based on the contact or lead’s action (or inaction). Combine wait, check and action steps throughout the campaign to drive the recipient to take action.  If the recipient doesn’t interact with the communication, the campaign will branch allowing users to take other actions such as creating a phone call task or running workflows and integrates with several of the other PowerPack add-ons.


PowerScore is a simple solution that allows you to score your leads and contacts based on their behavior. Simply define your scoring rules based on web traffic, forms, surveys, downloads of documents, attributes of the lead or contact like job title or industry, opened e-mails, and click-throughs. You define the rules and the number of points to give or take away and applies to leads, contats, or both. Reach the best customers quickly.


This Dynamics 365 document sharing add-on gives you the power to create a bundle of documents in CRM, send those documents to a client, and see whether they received the email and viewed the documents in your bundle.


PowerSMS integrates the power of CRM with the third-party text messaging platforms, CallFire and Twilio, allowing users to send and receive text messages from within CRM for Dynamics 365 to contacts, leads or any custom entity that has a mobile number associated to it. Send texts manually or to marketing lists. Utilize workflows to automatically send text messages.


PowerSocial allows CRM users to post tweets to Twitter from the comfort of their CRM system. It’s as easy as choosing a publisher, creating a tweet and posting. PowerSocial also includes security features that restrict which CRM users can post, including the ability to require approval before posts are sent it’s easy to keep your messages frequent and relevant by allowing users to schedule messages at a specific date and time. With PowerSocial you can also monitor specific people, hashtags, companies and more. Plus you’ll be able to turn incoming messages into contacts or leads, and respond to tweets or retweet from within CRM.


Our surveying solution, Dynamics 365 users can easily build robust surveys from within their CRM and send them directly to their account, contact and lead records. Once a survey recipient has filled out the survey, PowerSurveyPlus creates a survey activity in CRM regarding the recipient with the answers given during the survey.


Want to engage with your clients through SMS messages in a fun and interactive way? With PowerTrivia, users can leverage their PowerSurveyPlus, PowerSMS and PowerWebForm subscriptions to create and track trivia games within CRM. Users can create custom messages for events like perfect score, incorrect questions, even if the game has not yet started. Game scheduling allows users to set game play hours, which is great for events such as conferences, expos or contest windows.


Creating CRM web forms is fast and easy with the PowerWebForm add-on for Dynamics 365. PowerWebForm lets you capture information from an online web form and instantly pull that information directly into CRM. You can then choose to create a lead, a contact or any other CRM entity, including custom entities. Easily build your web form in CRM, post the web form on your web page and start gathering submissions. PowerWebForm eliminates the need to export/import lists from other databases into CRM. Plus, you now have the ability to follow up with visitors who showed interest on your site, without any lag time whatsoever. Our latest version of PowerWebForm has been enhanced to allow users to create landing pages for their web forms.


Ever wonder who is visiting your website? Combine the power of website tracking analytics with the power of CRM to see who is surfing your site. PowerWebTraffic gives you the ability to see what your customers and potential clients are viewing by collecting website tracking analytics, and connecting them to contacts and leads right within your CRM for Dynamics 365.


Event after event, year after year, you accumulate mountains of information about previous events, event activities, registrations, and participants. With PowerZapEvent connecting Dynamics 365 and ZapEvent Online Registration, your organization can utilize that information to communicate more effectively, market more intelligently, and work more efficiently.