Converting Activities

This section will cover converting activities in Dynamics 365. Depending on the status and type, an activity can be converted to an Opportunity, Case, Lead or Campaign Response. In this example, you will learn how to convert a phone call activity into an opportunity.

1. Select either the Sales, Service, or Marketing sections of the top Navigation Bar, then select Activities.

2. Click on the activity that you would like to convert and open it.

3. On the Command Bar of the activity record, Convert To. This will drop down a choice of what type of record you would like to convert this activity to.

Tip! Depending on the activity Convert To may not be immediately visible in the Command Bar. To fix this, either expand your window or click the ellipse to see your expanded choices.

4. In our example, we’ll convert this phone call to an Opportunity. Once Convert to Opportunity is selected a dialog box appears that has copied information that was originally a part of the phone call record to create the Opportunity recordChoose if you would like to close the activity, and if you’d like to open the record you created via the conversion and click Convert.