Microsoft purchased Yammer, the leading provider of enterprise social networking tools, in 2012 and has introduced a basic integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Yammer.

The “social enterprise” is a concept that allows unstructured communication and collaboration to become archived and associated with your structured data. This allows people who are not CRM users to contribute to the conversation. Yammer is also a fantastic way to collect and disseminate information that might be useful—like rumors a customer is launching a new product line or moving into a new territory—information that your current system may not be able to record. Until now!

In order to integrate CRM with Yammer, customers must have a Yammer enterprise account. Once established, the Yammer administrator can establish a connection to CRM through the settings area. Only one network can be linked to a CRM system and once linked, Yammer replaces the Activity Feed control on CRM forms.

The steps to setup Yammer with CRM Online (Polaris release) are below:

1. Create a Yammer Enterprise Account. The Enterprise account is $3 per user per month, and you can sign up for it here or add Yammer license through your Office 365 subscription.

2. Navigate to Settings > Administration > Yammer Configuration

CRM 2013 Yammer Integration
 View the Yammer Integration in CRM 2011

3. If the user is already signed in to Yammer, the Enterprise Yammer network and groups will be displayed. If not, login to Yammer.

 CRM 2013 Yammer Integration Setup

4. Select the Yammer Group and Security Level to complete this configuration.

CRM 2013 Yammer Integration Complete

For more information on Yammer setup and settings, visit this blog
How To Configure Yammer Integration.

Configuring Yammer Rules

1. On the Yammer configuration page, select Edit message rules.

CRM 2013 Yammer Integration Edit Rules

2. Select the desired rule(s) and click Enable or Disable on the command bar.

CRM 2013 Yammer Integration Enable Rules
View Edit message rules for Yammer integration in CRM 2011