Social Listening

Social Listening Integration

CRM and Social Listening integration allows Social Listening subscribers to embed Social Insights like Buzz Volume, Sentiment, etc. directly onto a form.


To configure the CRM and Social Listening integration, follow the steps below. Social Insights can be added to System Dashboards, User Dashboards, and an Entity form.

  1. Navigate to Settings>>Administration>>Microsoft Social Listening Configuration
  1. You may get a disclaimer to click through
  1. Your CRM domain(s) will be listed on the Administration Page
  1. Copy the domain URL you wish to connect to Social Listening
  2. Log into the specific Social Listening site you wish to connect to CRM and navigate to Settings>>Allowed Domains
  3. Paste the copied CRM domain into the top box and the URL will appear in the “Allowed domains” box below
  1. Copy the Solution URL from this screen
  2. In CRM’s Social Listening Configuration page, paste the URL into the Connect this CRM instance box and press the Test URL button

Note: If you aren’t already logged into Social Listening, you will get an error telling you to log in before you can test the URL

  1. Press the Save Settings button

Adding Social Insights to the Dashboard

Once configured, adding the component to the dashboard is as simple as pressing the new icon to launch the wizard to add Social Insights. The Wizard has three steps: and selecting the Topic or Category and choosing visuals.

  1. Select the topic
  1. Set topic or category
  1. Select Visuals

The actual controls are Iframe based, which allows for multiple controls on the same dashboard or form (each controlling different topics or charts).