Skype and Lync

The integration of Skype and Lync with Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides users a much simpler way to interface with coworkers and clients.  Skype and Lync both allow for internal communication between users in the same enterprise as well as external communication between users and Contacts in their CRM.

When all people involved in the communication have the respective client applications installed, the “Click to Call” functionality is enabled.  This functionality allows a CRM user to click on a phone number field in CRM, which will then query either the Lync or Skype client application on the end user’s machine to open the integrated technology and call the selected phone number.

Implementing Lync or Skype in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

First off, decide which integrated technology you want to use: Skype or Lync. You can base this decision on current usage, client preference or your own research and experience.



Implementing either Skype or Lync in CRM 2011 is extremely simple. If you are on CRM Online, you already have this functionality installed in CRM. If you are on-premise, you need to make sure the server and organization are updated to CRM 2011 and are on Update Rollup 12 or higher.

Step 1: Install the Client

To get started, the Lync or Skype client needs to be installed on the end user’s machine.

  • To get Skype, head over to  Install Skype, and the “Click to Call” technology will be good to go on the client side automatically.
  • To install Lync, contact your system administrator or IT department as this is a Microsoft Office product.
Note: For the integration to work properly with the end user’s machine, do not install both Lync and Skype on the same machine.

Step 2: Configure CRM

The next step is to tell CRM which integrated technology you are going to associate with your CRM. To do this, log in with your administrator account.

  1. In the Navigation Pane, click Settings.
  2. Under System, click Administration, and then click System Settings.
  3. On the General tab, under Set the telephony provider, for Select provider for Click to Call, select Skype or Lync.

yammer img 5

Now when you click on a phone number in CRM, it will load the respective client and make the call.

Note: The phone number must be formatted properly in CRM for Skype or Lync to properly provide the “Click to Call” functionality. The format must be Country/Region Code–Area Code–Phone Number.

The supported client versions for this functionality are Lync 2010, Lync 2013, and Skype 6.0 and up. Both the CRM web client and the Microsoft Outlook clients are supported.