Users in Microsoft Dynamics CRM are individuals who have specific logins and passwords and a set of attached privileges at various access levels. Each user can have one or more security roles but each user should belong to at least one security role to be able to access CRM. In case of conflict between two roles the least restrictive role will be upheld. Each user is part of a business unit and can be assigned to only one business unit.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the following functionality for user maintenance:

  • Creating Users
  • Creating Teams
  • Enabling and disabling Users
  • Deleting Users
  • Assigning Security Roles to Users
  • Identifying managers for Users
  • Assigning Users to Teams

Creating Users

Single users or multiple users can be added. For creating a single user:

  1. In the left navigation pane, click on Settings. In the System section click on Administration and then Users.
  2. On the Ribbon, click New.
  3. Enter the domain logon name.
  4. Choose the relevant business unit for the user from the lookup
  5. Select the E-mail access type
  6. Select the Access Mode
  7. Select the License Type

Remember: It is always better to disable a user than delete him. And before doing this, all the user records of this user need to be assigned to another user.