Microsoft Dynamics CRM teams are a collection of users who can belong to the same or different business units. Creation of a team facilitates easy sharing and also the ease of applying shared security roles to a group versus individuals. Standard teams are sales teams, regional teams, etc. A user can belong to multiple teams? A user belonging to a team has all the privileges that the team is entitled to except if the user has been restricted from some of them.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Teams

Creating Microsoft Dynamic CRM Teams

  1.  In the left navigation pane, click on Settings. In the System section click on Administration and then Team.
  2. Click on New in the Ribbon.
  3. Enter Team Name and Administrator – the required fields. Select the business unit from the lookup. Save.
  4. To add Users to the Team, click on Members
    • Add Members in Ribbon
    • Add the Users who should belong to the team and click OK
  5. To add Security Roles, click on Security Roles
    • Manage Roles
    • Select the Roles and click OK
  6. To add Field Security Profiles, click on Field Security Profiles
    • Click Add
    • Select profiles and click OK