Why This Book?

When PowerObjects started floating around the idea of writing this book, many people asked: “Why? A book will take a lot of effort, and rarely does anyone ever make money on a technical book.” This was true. A book would take a lot of effort and our plan was to give it away for free anyway. So why do it? To explain the rational of why, I need to tell you a little bit about what makes PowerObjects tick and hopefully this will shed some light on why we decided to create this book.

PowerObjects is structured around a couple of key concepts. One of those is focus. For those familiar with us, you know we do one thing only, CRM support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 users, and we strive to be the best at it in the world. This was a founding principle in our rebirth from an organization that does IT consulting to one focused on only CRM for Dynamics 365 consulting. You can imagine how challenging it was to take a company of geeks and keep them focused on a single technology, but when we did, we ended up with PowerObjects as you know it now. Our focus has resulted in rapid growth. We are a team of nearly 300 employees focused on one thing. In building this team, I believe we have a duty to share our knowledge about CRM for Dynamics 365, and to live by our core values, which are both part of the answer to the “Why?” question. Our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is to positively impact one million CRM users of Dynamics 365, and this book will impact a bunch of folks.

The first core value demonstrated in the creation of this book is “Always Add Value.” This is one of the guiding principles that drives PowerObjects forward. At PowerObjects, we look for people that live by this principle. With these people on our team, we able to create a company where we can stand up and say we are adding value in everything we do. Think of the value we are able to share by providing structured information about this technology, and it’s written, edited, and maintained by one of the best teams in the world.

The next core value we live and work by is “Think Team.” At PowerObjects, we drive team into everything we do and we use teams to make a bigger impact than any one single person could. When we first started talking about this book, the guiding principle on how we were going to deliver a product by our established deadline was to divide and conquer. We took the whole company and divided it into 3- to 4-person teams. Each team then was assigned a “chapter.” By doing, we directed the chapters towards the people who had the strongest knowledge of those particular subjects, and with those teams, we were able to produce the content at a fast pace.

The last reason really has to do with the changing landscape of our technology world and the embracing of cloud-delivered software. For those of you that have been around for more than a few years, you will remember a time when the major software publishers would update a program about every three years. This worked great for book writing—you could publish the first year the software version was released and still have a couple of years of relevance. Today the publishers are working towards shorter release cycles and delivering in the cloud. This is great for innovation, but stinks if you want to publish a book. So we decided that we would not bother with print and instead we decided to publish an online book that could be maintained by the number one team in the industry and always be relevant.

If you are still reading this chapter and are still trying to figure out why—it’s because we can. It’s that simple. If you get this, you will understand what PowerObjects is all about. We give because we can. We continue to grow as a company because we believe when you put value forth, value always comes back; sometimes it comes in the form of a new client, sometimes it comes in the form of new team members, sometimes it comes from the satisfaction of being on our team, and sometimes it comes as a simple thank you. We do hope you find what you are looking for in our book, and as always, happy CRM’ing.