Work Hours

Work hours in Dynamics CRM is part of the service scheduling feature. You can use work hours to set up the availability of a user. Here’s how:

Under Microsoft Dynamics CRM tab select the Settings tab.

Hover over Settings and select Administration


On the main screen, within the right column, click Users.

View Work Hours in 2011

Double click on a user record to open that record.

On the top navigation bar within the user record, scroll to and click Work Hours.

After, it will switch to a new screen.

View Work Hours in 2011

On the monthly view ribbon, click on Set Up. You’ll see a drop down with three options:

  • New Weekly Schedule
  • Work Schedule for One Day
  • Time Off

View Hours options in CRM 2011

Choose the selection that best fits your need. For this example, you will choose New Weekly Schedule. A new window will open.

On this screen, you will be able to set different options for this resources’ schedule:

Set the recurring weekly schedule. Work hours can be set to be the same each day, vary by day, or none.

Check the Sun-Sat boxes for work days. Finally, set whether business closures are being observed.

Set the date range. You’ll need to input the “Starting On” date and the time zone.

View in CRM 2011

Once you are satisfied with you options, click Save and Close.

You should go back to the calendar screen for the user and be able to see the updated work hours reflected.