Search Capabilities

Search Capabilities

The Search box allows you to quickly search for entity records right from the Navigation bar.

To use the search box in the Navigation bar, begin typing a keyword and select the magnifying glass or hit enter. You can also use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard character to search within a field (e.g., a user wants to search for all records that have the word ‘ski’ in the record, the user would enter ‘*ski’ in the search box).

The Search box allows users to search multiple entities at the same time, up to 10 entities. The 10 entities used in the Search box are customizable and configurable by users with the appropriate access.

CRM also has an Advanced Find button located in the top navigation bar where users will have the ability to create a more refined or complex search.


The search results page will have an improved user interface. The search results will display based on the entity where the record is located, up to 10 multiple entities that were determined in the settings.

If users want to only search one entity users can filter the search using the filter with drop-down

Search box set up

To customize the Search box users with appropriate access, you will have to go to System Setting to modify the 10 entities used in the search box.

With the updated search capabilities and better look and feel, users will have an improved experience searching for records within CRM.


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