Event Management & Marketing

PowerObjects has developed Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-ons that enhance marketing and event management features so that event directors can easily manage their efforts from within CRM. They make it easy to market and manage your events all from within Dynamics CRM.

Dynamics CRM event managementPowerZapEvent

This add-on allows you to manage all of your event data in one centralized location—Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It integrates Microsoft Dynamics CRM with online registration software ZapEvent to allow you to market and manage your event more effectively.

Like all of our add-ons, PowerZapEvent is available for a free 30-day trial.



PowerBarCode is an add-on that allows users to add barcode images within Microsoft Dynamics CRM and insert them into CRM emails or reports. This add-on is not limited to barcodes; it can also create QR codes, matrixes, or PDF codes.

Try PowerBarcode free for thirty days by downloading it from our website.