Creating Activities

There are multiple methods for creating activities in Dynamics CRM. You can create them from the activities section, from a specific record, or by clicking the Add tab from most pages in CRM. Activities such as emails, appointments, and tasks can be created in Outlook and tracked to CRM. You can also create CRM activities by using the Outlook quick access tool bar.

How to Create an Activity NOT from Within an Individual Record

From the top Navigation Bar on the right side is the Quick Create button. Selecting this will drop down a list of forms to choose and create a new record. On the left side of this list are the activities: Task, Phone Call, E-Mail, and Appointment respectively. This will open the default new Activity form for the selected Activity Type.

Quick Create
CRM 2013 Quick Create Activities
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How to Create an Activity from within a Specific Record

 Let’s create a phone call for an opportunity. This time you will learn how to create the activity from within the record.

  1. Navigate to the opportunity section.CRM 2013 Opportunities
  2. Click on an opportunity to open it. A new window will pop open.CRM 2013 Opportunity List
    View opportunities navigation in CRM 2011

3. Now you are on the main opportunity record page. To add a phone call, go to the Social Pane, and click on ACTIVITIES link.

CRM 2013 Social Pane

4. Next, click Add Phone Call. This will make a small new window pop up right below the Add Phone Call option.

5. In the pop-up box, add extra details about the phone call, such as the content of your call, the direction (outgoing or incoming) and whether you left a voicemail or not.

CRM 2013 Social Pane Phone Call
View Social Pane in CRM 2011
View Phone Call creation in CRM 2011

6. When you are ready to mark the phone call as complete, click OK. After, you will see the phone call listed in the Activities history in the Yammer pane.

CRM 2013 Social Pane Activities
View Activities in CRM 2011

You can also create activities such as emails, tasks and appointments from the CRM Outlook Client. To learn more about Tracking Activities and Set Regarding, go to the Tracking Activities Section in the Outlook chapter.