Activities Area

Below are the multiple options of how to navigate to the Activities area.

Select either the Marketing or Sales sections of the top Navigation Bar, then select Activities. (In CRM 2011 this is located by selecting Workplace in the left Navigation Bar)

CRM 2013 Sales & Marketing
CRM 2013 Sales Activities
CRM 2013 Marketing Activities
Click here to view a screenshot from CRM 2011

From here you can pick views of activities to look at. Out-of-the-box, this screen will default to My Activities, which lists all open activities that you own. To change the view, click My Activities to open the View Selector. Within this drop down you can select different views based on Activity Type.
CRM 2013 Activities Views

(In CRM 2011 click the black arrow to the right of ‘My Activities’ to use the View Selector)
View View Selector in CRM 2011

A second way to filter is to the right of where it says “Due:”–you can filter on the due date of activity.
CRM 2013 Activities Due View Selector
View Filter by Due Date in CRM 2011

You can learn more about activity views in a couple of great blogs on the topic: Working with Past Due Records in Dynamics CRM and How to Get Even Better Activity Views in Dynamics CRM.

In Dynamics 2011, you can also navigate to activities by going to the left navigation bar and hovering over the Activities link in the left Navigation Bar. Click on the black arrow that appears to the right of Activities. This will give you view options as well. Here you can select which view you want to go to, or you can see Recently Visited activities. The Recently Visited section will show you all the activities you most recently viewed. Using this is a quick way to get to activities that you are frequently working on.
View alternative method in CRM 2011

You can also see the My Activities view from various out of the box dashboards.  For example the Marketing Social Dashboard and Sales Social Dashboard which are the out of box default dashboards that load when selecting either Marketing or Sales from the top Navigation Bar.
CRM 2013 Marketing Dashboard
CRM 2013 Sales Dashboard

In CRM 2011: To navigate to this dashboards, on the main left navigation bar click Dashboards. Out of the box it will default to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Overview dashboard.
View Dashboards in CRM 2011

You can also view activities within an individual record. To do that, open a record such as an account that has activities associated to it.

Contact Activities

When a Contact or Account record is viewed, activities can be viewed by click activities in the Social Pane

CRM 2013 Activities Pane
In CRM 2011: From within the account form, on the left navigation bar, click Activities. This will show you all open activities. One thing to note is that out of the box the open activities view will default to the next 30 days. You may want to change the Filter On option if you activities are scheduled further out or do not have due dates.
View Activities on Contact form in CRM 2011
If you are on or above Update Rollup 12 (AKA Polaris) and using the new flow/process forms, you can view the completed activities within the Yammer Posts/Activities section on the main form.
View Activities on Contact form in CRM 2011 UR12

Tip! For CRM 2011 learn more about the changes to activities in our blog: How Have Dynamics CRM Activities Changed After the Polaris Release?

If you are using the classic form, you would find the closed activities in a link on the left navigation bar.
View closed Activities in CRM 2011

Tip! To save time, use the PowerOneView add-on to view all activities and related records in one spot. This way you won’t have to click between activities and closed activities to get a feel for the communication it has and what will happen with the customer. You can also reference our blog on rolling up activities to parent accounts with PowerOneView.